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We have two very well-managed farms situated in the beautiful Breckland area of Norfolk. Both farms are perfectly suited to quality salad and herb production.


Our first farm at Kilverstone is farmed on an AHA tenancy and covers 320 acres. Roy Kemp, the founder of the business, was originally asked if he was interested in growing 1/4 acre of outdoor basil. The business and products have grown from there. From 1979 onwards Roy's son, Malcolm, became more involved in the business, and then in time, took over from Roy.


Malcolm was joined by his son David in 2003 and the company has continued to grow with a reputation for quality produce and a dedication to meeting customer needs.


The small, sheltered fields and light sandy soils proved to be the perfect environment for even the most delicate crops, and by 2003 the entire farm was down to herb and salad production.


In 2016 we purchased our second farm, in nearby East Harling. This gave us an additional 300 acres and has allowed us to add capacity and variety to our output. Together, our farms now supply an average of 75 tonnes of produce per week during the summer season. We also rent up to 160 acres from other local farmers with irrigation.

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We are an accredited supplier in the Red Tractor Scheme.


We are a Marks & Spencer accredited Silver Standard Select Farm Produce Grower.


We are also NSF certified for both RTA Fresh Produce Standards and LEAF Environmental Standards.

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